Flagstaff Golf Properties

Northern Arizona is Golf.

Shaded by the cool pines and flourishing within perfectly temperate seasons are Golf Communities that meet every individual preference, satisfy each unique lifestyle.

Flagstaff is home to three gated Golf Communities:
Forest Highlands, Flagstaff Ranch and Pine Canyon.

Continental Country Club is open to homeowners residing in subdivisions within the Continental Country Club Homeowners Association. Aspen Valley is a private, non-residential golf club.

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Forest Highlands

Forest Highland

Pine Canyon

Pine Canyon

Flagstaff Ranch

Flagstaff Ranch

Aspen Valley Golf Course

Aspen Valley Golf Club

Continental Colf Course

Continental Country Club



Why call Eileen for Dedicated Flagstaff Golf Property Services?

Eileen provides committed, experienced buyer representation in our three gated golf communities at no cost to you.  You do not need to ask the agents in the sales office - who represent the sellers - to represent you.

Sellers. Ask about dedicated, comprehensive marketing of your golf property and how Eileen provides constant communication about exposure, showings, feedback.

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