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Some sellers don't know where to begin when it comes to staging. It may be a very new concept to many. A few years ago you could list a home in the morning and have it sold by the afternoon no matter what it looked like but now the competition for buyers is overwhelming and sellers need to know how to compete with model homes and agressive sellers.

Here is a basic check list for most homes but for your particular home, please contact me at the bottom of this article for details on how to stage your specific home.

1. You don't always have to buy new items, use what you have in a fresh way. You may just have to remove an item or two for the buyers to get a feeling of openess. If the room is too cluttered with "stuff" the buyer feels trapped and not free to move around the home. Use what you have in a new way to create a different atmosphere for the buyers.

2. Create traffic flow and assign rooms a purpose. Don't have desks in formal living rooms or toys in the office. Keep rooms as they were meant to be and make the flow of the room easy to navigate.

3. Use artwork to enhance the room not fill it. Group smaller pieces together instead of spreading them out. Keep them at eye level or just below even in a tall room to create the feeling of coziness, especially in a larger room.

4. Open up the kitchen. Kitchens can be catch alls for family photos, projects and household items. Clear off the refrigerater, keep only one appliance out on the shelf and just one or two pieces of kitchen art on the wall; none if there is no room. Rugs in kitchen's pull the eyes down while a clean floor adds even more visual space to the eyes.  Fresh flowers add a special touch to kitchens and dining room tables.

5. The rule of Three. Placing items, pictures or artwork in threes add a visual appeal to the room. It looks more uniform and creates balance.

6. Create spaces that the buyers can see themselves in. Each room should say something to the buyer. A small nook can be a cozy getaway for a few stolen moments of solitude. An office can be the centered work environment for the at home mom or dad. The bedroom should be a tranquil, relaxing space away from the bustle of the day and bathrooms should breathe a breath of spa into a buyer's thoughts.

7. Don't neglect the garage. While most people may never park a car in the garage, they don't want that to be obvious when touring a home. Garages need to be neat and tidy, organized and used for what it was meant to house, a car. Take items to a storage facility if need be and make sure you can park at least one car in the garage. Center it if you do use one car to allow for movement around the garage.

Contact me for tips on staging your specific Flagstaff real estate or property.


Vail CO real estate says

Great information. I may get some of your tips for my sellers. Thanks

Coastal Seaside CA Properties says

Thanks for teh information. It's amazing how many sellers don't do half of these things!

Professional Mover Peggy Hughes says

Great tips. As a stager in CA I make sure my people know not only how to stage but how to sell and set up when they move to the new home. Feel free to call me if you need a professional mover and organizer.

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